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Enjoy some of my art X3


Sketchy Picture (Humans Only!)
A slightly-detailed sketch. I will send a lineart only version if wanted, and shading comes for free (though it has to be asked for). 

Busts will be easier to complete. It might take a while to do full-sized pictures so I might crop it or it would look bad.

I might add on to the price every time after somebody buys one.

I will need a reference/many unshaded pictures to get the proper colours. I might also change a few tiny design details if they're unimportant/hard to draw.

Please describe the position/emotion carefully. 

Most will be drawn in a portrait setting however you can ask for a landscape view. 

For backgrounds, I will need 10 extra points sent through my donation pool.
Pagedoll (Animals Only)

This is a simple animation of an OC or character you suggest. It will be a transparent image. I will make it unshaded, but you can change it.

Pay for the extra point features in my donation pool! Also, please clarify CLEARLY in capital letters what you want.

Pixel | Non-pixel | Still | Animated

Types of animations-
Head bobbing (along with tail) = Free!
Paw moving (no headbob) = +5 points
Tail swish (headbob) = +10 points
Emotion change (different faces) = +2 points for every emotion. It will come with three basic emotions for no extra, but if you want more (limit is 10) you have to pay 2 extra points for each one.
Transformation (colours/magic/gender) = +5 points
Transformation (species/wings) = +10 points (be warned, no human transformations are allowed)
Other = Depends on what it is, can range from 2+ points to 15+. Please provide an example or an insane amount of detail for this.

I will need a simple reference/a lot of pictures sent through notes.

For shading, you will need to give me ten extra points.
Reference Picture (Animals Only)
I will need to have many traits and a very long bio to make this. Tell me any designs/backgrounds to try to incorporate. Every time someone gets a bio, the price will go up by 50 points, so get your reference before it becomes very expensive. 

It will be in the format seen above. I will need a current reference or a very strong bio with many pictures, to get the palette correctly.

I might decline your application if it is poor/has little data I can work with.
Dynamic Shot (Animals Only)
This will come with backgrounds, multiple OCs, and shading, and more if wanted.

2 OCs are free, but if you want more, you have to have 5 points for each.

Please be very specific when you describe what you want, and also include a very specific reference picture.

These will come with a watermark.
Bust/Headshot Picture (Animals Only)
It can be head only, shoulders and paws too, specific poses, etc.

I will need a ref sent through notes.

For backgrounds, you will need to give me ten extra points.

For shading, you will need to give me ten extra points. 
Full body shot (Animals Only)
This is a simple drawing of an OC or character you suggest. It will be a transparent image. I will make it as complicated or as simple as you want.

I will need a ref sent through notes.

For backgrounds, you will need to give me ten extra points.

For shading, you will need to give me ten extra points.


Art-Paper Beautiful Wallpapers 016 : JoyFul by ftPics Art-Paper Beautiful Wallpapers 016 : JoyFul :iconftpics:ftPics 245 8 wolfwarrior2100 by CascadingSerenity wolfwarrior2100 :iconcascadingserenity:CascadingSerenity 228 11 No colors by Zinkazue No colors :iconzinkazue:Zinkazue 6 0 Are you there? by PoppetsArtsStuff Are you there? :iconpoppetsartsstuff:PoppetsArtsStuff 1 0 Open the portal jump in by MistleHawk Open the portal jump in :iconmistlehawk:MistleHawk 6 0 lofi by rinpaw lofi :iconrinpaw:rinpaw 72 5 Match by veprikov Match :iconveprikov:veprikov 5,784 504 Monica by M1m1kyu Monica :iconm1m1kyu:M1m1kyu 4 10 Evolution by ryky Evolution :iconryky:ryky 6,764 613 GCC - Character Batch (BG 2) by squirrelhair GCC - Character Batch (BG 2) :iconsquirrelhair:squirrelhair 1 1 GCC - Character Batch (BG 1) by squirrelhair GCC - Character Batch (BG 1) :iconsquirrelhair:squirrelhair 1 0 CM for Adrian_Wolf by Kay-Ra CM for Adrian_Wolf :iconkay-ra:Kay-Ra 6,484 146 DT With AnimationWarriorCats by M1m1kyu DT With AnimationWarriorCats :iconm1m1kyu:M1m1kyu 1 0 old cringe ew by Chiinchillas old cringe ew :iconchiinchillas:Chiinchillas 4 0 cause im a fucking mess sometimes by Chiinchillas cause im a fucking mess sometimes :iconchiinchillas:Chiinchillas 2 4 [OPEN, 2/3] Icon Ych - Feline(+Canine) Headshot by Royal-Stocking [OPEN, 2/3] Icon Ych - Feline(+Canine) Headshot :iconroyal-stocking:Royal-Stocking 15 28



AnimationWarriorCats's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
HI! I'm Maya, but you can call me Nightingale or Anim. I'm a demiromantic bi biatch and I'm an agender genderneutral thing. if you are homophobic just-


I mostly do animal stuff, and fanart of my fandoms and other OCs. Enjoy your stay here!

Green is the best colour, my favourite book character is Ivypool, my favourite movie is The Hunger Games (books are better though) and my favourite lgbt ships are either Viktuuri or Cinderleaf.


If you need any info, just pm me and we can get talking! I'd be glad to do anything for you as long as it's simple.


Art collabs? Yes.
Commissions? Only for points, more info in a journal.
Design trades? Yes.
Art Trades? Yes.
Gifts? Only for friends.

Yuri on Ice
Steven Universe
Harry Potter
Hunger Games


Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear Apple Stamp by vsdigital FireAlpaca User Stamp by gabbity
Genderfluid Stamp by sunbirds Bisexual Stamp by sunbirds
OCs Stamp by himawari-tan I Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtle I love Black and White by AlbinoSeaTurtle

Bi Gay (2) by Pride-Flags The Babadook by bbrunomoraes
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Mouse | Pagedoll by AnimationWarriorCats



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


this is amazing 
i love how it isn't a child who says it's all about cleaning, and how every comment treats it as a disorder, a real mental problem. 

thanks if you do that too.
i want to make circle pagebreakers but with illicit trios
warriors au where dovewing hates hollyleaf when she returns and tries to get rid of her, making ivypool die in the final battle and dovewing does some crap afterwards
Tagged by :iconm1m1kyu:

1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie. 
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!

Questions will be answered by: 

Every character here:… (Heron is excluded)

(Mouse, Rose, Tansy, Wren, and Pigeon who isn't in this folder/on toyhouse itself)


1. What is your real name and nickname? (it is a custom in Hollyveil to have a 'normal' name as the middle name)
Mouse: Um...Mouse Elise Sedetherson. Tansy calls me Rat, so...yeah.
Rose: Rose Amedil Sedetherson. I don't really have any nicknames, my name's way too short to make it shorter. (Tansy: That's what she said.)
Tansy: Tansy Beatrix Creekdawn. I call myself Maple because of the marking on my back (Me: and i call you canada)
Wren: Wren Methadon. I...don't have nicknames anymore. I used to when I was younger, but...not anymore. I also never had a middle name, who knows why.
Pigeon: Pigeon Charles Asich. (Me: I call you either 'Bastard' and 'Edgy-Clingy-Dove'.)

2. What is your current age?
Mouse: 15. The classical age for starting training is 11, and the graduation is at 14, so I'm still new to war. Still too anxious about it...Rose says I've mellowed.
Rose: 15! Me and Mouse are twins, and people have this super weird thought that all twins have to be identical. *sigh* Guess not.
Tansy: 15.5. I started training late because of some troubles at home. *cough* Anyways, I'm 15 and a few months.
Wren: 29. People say I'm younger. I was just a child when riots started, and started training when war was dire. I started to lead at 14, and I mentored many, and saw many die at my paws. *looks away*
Pigeon: 28. 

3. What is your favorite food?
Mouse: Um...I guess I speak for all of us, we never really do have favourite foods. In war, you have to know how to eat anything, no matter how old or bad.
Rose: Except for me, I always stayed at home and worked for Golden Parlor while Mouse was away. I like voles. And squirrels. And the wild animals from the other side of the world (the world is divided into two categories: advanced, modern, or wild, untamed. Dogs and the braver animals come here to hunt and trade or sell the wild deer and boars (etc.) they find.) I just hope I never ate any illicit allies. *existential crisis intensifies* wait...

4. And your favorite drink?
Mouse: *glances at Wren* We both like water.
Tansy: I like maple sap. How aboot you? Okay, I'm sorry. But it is a sweet treat if you never expected to find something when stranded. It tastes good.
Rose: I have to agree with Tansy. It tastes really good on a rainy day! Also, hot milk is nice.
Pigeon: *shrug* I dunno.

5. Who's your lover?
Mouse: *eyes widen* *paws shuffle* Well, I'm bis-
Tansy: b*tch please we're awesome gays and we're not afraid to admit it
Rose: Single. I don't really care about romance - I prefer friendship and family. I'm scared I'll ignore my other life's parts if I have a boyfriend. Also, unlike my sister, I'm not gay.
Mouse: Rose, we talked over this- I'm bisexua-
Tansy: Nah, you're gay. For me. 

6. Have you ever kissed anyone?
Tansy: I once Misttole-Kissed (a variant of french-kissing) Mouse.
Tansy: You can't force me back in there, all the cloaks looks like old-lady clothes.
Mouse: ...

7. What about your childhood sweetheart?
Tansy: Me and Mouse studied together and grew closer. *warm blink*
Mouse: So now we're girlfriends, but...*glares* that wasn't necessary, Tansy.
Tansy: 'course it was.

Rose: Again. Nah.

*Pigeon and Wren look away from each other*

8. Who's your favorite author?
Mouse: I have so many! There's-
*Tansy and Rose slap her, as Mouse could rant on for hours about everything*

Wren: I choose to not speak. I helped Tansy become too powerful. *swallows slowly in despair*
Pigeon: Literature is boring. For the most part.
Wren: It's not like you read a lot of books when I knew you, you bragged about how you finished a book in an hour.
Pigeon: Shut up. Jump off a bridge.

9. Now, whats your biggest fear?
Mouse: Being wrong. *looks away* It's strange to know that you'll be blamed if everything is wrong and it was your idea. Who knows what'll happen then? Also, moths are scary.
Tansy: I have no fears. I tell myself to ignore them. I suck it up. It's useless. *ear flicks, and tail droops* Sneks and Spooders are spoopy too.
Rose: Bees.
Wren: ....Being alone. I have to have at least a maid or something to keep me company if I'm somewhere else. Good that Heron helps me with it...
Pigeon: No.

10. Have any siblings?
Mouse: Rose.
Rose: Mouse.
*two sisters narrow their eyes*

11. Who's your hero?
Mouse: Wren and Heron and Thrush. And also Meadow Evagliss, the author of-
Tansy: *slaps Mouse's mouth* Petrichor, Wren, and Heron. I despise Thrush after she sent be a spy. Away from my father and my girlfriend-I mean friend, at the time. I had to be friends with the ones who killed my m- *mumbling, eyes quivering*
Rose: I agree with Mouse, Heron's nice.
Wren: *inaudible whisper* 
Pigeon: *flicks tail* Myself.

12. Who's your worst enemy?
Pigeon: Wren. He's a fCensoredg ass.
Wren: ...
13. Who's your best friend?
Wren: *looks hopefully at Pigeon, who meekly smiles, and then turns away, growling*
Rose: My sister and Tansy.
Tansy: Same. I'm my best friend, and so is my invisible sister.
Mouse: you ass
Mouse: Um, no, that's not a swear...

14. What would you do if you met your creator?
Rose: oh, I keep contact with Nightingale! We all know her outside the book.
Tansy: I know Night best, especially because I can travel through universes because I'm de-
Mouse: *glares*
Tansy: Oh yeah, we're in non-canon now. Nevermind.

15. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Rose: We're all pretty much grown up. Mouse wants, or rather, wanted to be an author. The rest of us all have what we want, except for Tansy.

16. What's your worst nightmare?
Mouse: *looks away, and Tansy pushes herself onto Mouse's shoulder comfortingly, the two of them toppling over*
Rose: We all share the same one. Losing who we love. *looks at Mouse's wounded expression, and flicks her tail dismissively*

Pigeon: *eyes widen, and he covers his face with his ears and wings*

17. What's your life long dream?
Rose: Same as 15.

18. What would you do if your life long dream came true?
Rose: *cough*

19. Where's your favorite place to relax?
Mouse: Winter is beautiful from anywhere. Rain and snow...both great. Relaxing to curl up next to the fire or go for a misty stroll. *longing sigh*
Tansy: I never relax, but I feel excited and better when I run. Anywhere, really.
Rose: Climbing and just sitting in a tree is fun. And when you see everything while you glide down, it feels wonderful.
Pigeon: Are you secretly called Magpie?
Rose: Yes, I'd love to steal your bread and kill you in Australia. Even though Australia doesn't exist here and I only know about it through Night.
Pigeon: Hmph.
Wren: Just...quiet. It feels nice.

20. What do you do most of the time?
Mouse: Read. Write...
Tansy: Run. Train. Whatever.
Rose: I don't know, I just walk around. Just watch birds fly, flowers grow, leaves fall, and the world goes on and on. It's calming to watch.
Wren: Think. Thoughts can keep you busy for an unexpected long time.
Pigeon: ... (Me: slit your wrists)

I tag -

anyone idk
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  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: the blood of my enemies


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mmmmmm for extras in my commissions

feel free to donate for no reason anyways, though!

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